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Introduction of The Group
Brief Introduction of the Management Group

The management group of Fujian Dream Home Hotel comprises Fujian Dream Home Hotels and Resorts Management Co. Ltd, Shishi Fubang Trading Limited Company, Fujian Evergreen Dining Management Co. , Ltd and Shishi Global Hotel, Dream Home Hotels in five places(Shishi Hao Fu Hua Hotel), (Jinjiang Jinma Hotel), (Fuzhou Liming Hotel), (Shishi Wanjia Hotel), (An’xi Yonglong Hotel); (Fujian Evergreen) Steaming Restaurant(Xia’men) and other enterprises.

The group’s main business: hotel investment, commission management, business consultation, kitchen administration management, foodstuffs and import and export trade.From running only one store in 2003 to achieve group management in 2013, with the aim of building “top-level hotel management brand with great features of Minnan culture” and undertaking the responsibility of inheriting and innovating Min Cuisine, Dream Home Hotels and Resorts continuously make great effort to achieve those.

The corporate core values are “passion, beauty, harmony and enterprise”

The group pays attention to set up the brand, and places more emphasis on talent cultivation and social responsibility. “The new pattern of cooperation between university and enterprise” provides strong guarantee of making professional talent team in hotels, and creates conditions for improving the group’s core competence, thus realizing the goal of continuous and healthy development.

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