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Talent Concept
      According to the Chinese Character “qi”, we know that an enterprise will stop without people. Therefore, talent is the first resource to prosper and continuously develop enterprises and as well as the most core competence of the development of business. With the center of enterprise’s development strategies, we stick to the topic of  “three views”, which is viewing creation and revolution as enterprise’s motive power, viewing staff’s initiative and creation as enterprise’s vitality and viewing talent training as the root of enterprise’s development. With the principal line of adjusting and optimizing talent structure, and with the key point of establishing a talent team of management talent, professionally skilled talent and operative talent in basic levels, we continuously strengthen creation of concept, mechanism and service with the impetus of revolution and creation. What’s more, we should speed up the system and mechanism that are beneficial to talent gathering, talent emerging and talent comprehensively developing, which offers strong talent guarantee and supportive system to the development of our company.
      Choosing talent: the principle of recruitment: we won’t stick to any pattern but hire any skilled employee who has fidelity and morality. Suiting to our company is the best.
     Training talent: we teach talent according to his personality. Teach him skills and answer his questions; On the basis of talent, and let talent represent his values.
     Applying talent: we use talent without doubt---fully trust, and respect and understand them and is good at giving them rights. Make full use of their advantages and understand their shortcomings; Know how to apply staff and how to make them into full use; something should be done by right people--- high-level staff should do right decisions, medium-level staff should take actions toward right direction and basic-level staff should do things in the right way; suitable things should be done by suitable talent; we should combine our company’s development goal with personal development goal and make them tend to unanimously, which comes to win-win.
      Retaining talent: we retain talent through excellent enterprise culture, humanized and scientific regulation, salary and welfare with market competence, attractive career prospects, humanized management with excellent personality and positive, healthy and harmonious interpersonal relationship.
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